"...This unusual and fascinating program offered three works for violin and orchestra, including the New York premiere of Harrison Birtwistle's new Violin Concerto, featuring the brilliant German violinist Christian Tetzlaff. Taking Mr. Levine's place was Marcelo Lehninger, 31, a Brazilian-born assistant conductor at the Boston Symphony, who had led the same program this month in Boston. He was terrific, conducting all three works with impressive technique, musical insight and youthful energy.

The orchestra sounded great...

After the Birtwistle, I thought the Bartok was going to sound like a folk music concerto. Not in this riveting performance. The first movement came across as a lyrical joy ride with lyrical spans and bumpy patches, the second movement, a theme and variations, never seemed so moody. Even the chirpy finale, which keeps getting interrupted by virtuosic excursions and a ruminative, radiant timeout, was wonderfully fresh. Mr. Tetzlaff and Mr. Lehninger emphasized the work's wildness and fractured character." -Anthony Tommasini


New York Times
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