"One approaches young, all-female piano trios with some trepidation after the pushy trendiness of the 'uptown' Eroica Trio and 'downtown' Ahn Trio. The Claremont Trio - violinist Emily Bruskin and cellist Julia Bruskin (twin sisters) and pianist Donna Kwong - formed at the Juilliard School and won the first International Trio Award from the eminent Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio last year. On the evidence of this beautifully produced disc, the Claremont is the real thing. Their approach to the Mendelssohn Piano Trios is supple but not without drama; in pacing, they are more akin to old Beaux Arts Trio than new...the young group boasts its own brand of rhythmic buoyancy and expressive appeal."
New Jersey Star Ledger
"excellent instrumental balance...capturing the essential feathery Mendelssohnian atmosphere"
Los Angeles Times
"the kind of fresh approach that keeps chamber music alive"
Cincinnati Enquirer
"a superbly accomplished young group"
Strings Magazine
"thrilling edge-of-the-seat timing and headstrong momentum...This was fiery early Beethoven at his best"
New York Concert Review
"The Claremont played [Kirchner's Trio No.1] with great sympathy and unity, and consistently beautiful sound.... Pianist Donna Kwong impressed with a luxurious touch, especially notable in her rich chordings in the solo introduction to the andante of Mendelssohn's trio. Julia Bruskin's cello poured out a very warm, caramel sound, and she spun finely shaped lines. Her twin sister, violinist Emily Bruskin, produced a tone that was...vibrantly colored."
San Antonio Express-News
"...the Claremont Trio, a fine all-female group, made Leon Kirchner's Piano Trio No.2 (1993) the centerpiece of its concert...making a persuasive argument during a gripping performance that this is a major work that deserves to be played much more frequently...The music is agitated, unsettled, with one passage charging into the next...There are even what might be described as ghostly utterances: pinched, pained violin passages vividly executed by Emily Bruskin...Concluding the trio's appealing, well-balanced program of selections from three centuries was Johannes Brahms' Trio in B major, Op.8...it was a robust, propulsive performance overall, capturing the essential spirit of this autumnal, deeply emotional work."
The Denver Post
"finely wrought detail and dramatic insight"
Washington Post
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