Carnegie Hall
Dan Perdue

Carnegie Hall is one of the world's most famous concert halls and its stages have been graced by many of history's greatest artists and public figures. Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 and is known for its excellent acoustics and extravagant architecture.

For more than a century, Carnegie Hall has set the standard for excellence in performance. Its walls have echoed with applause for the world's outstanding classical artists, as they have for the greatest popular musicians of our time and for the many prominent dancers, politicians, authors, and crusaders who have appeared on its stage. From Gustav Mahler to Liza Minnelli, from John Philip Sousa to Leopold
Stokowski, from Fats Waller to Woodrow Wilson, and from Ignace Jan Paderewski to Luciano Pavarotti, Carnegie Hall has been host to them all.

In December 2000, Carnegie Hall presented the legendary mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig in a workshop for aspiring singers. Over a period of ten days, Ms.Ludwig conducted auditions and masterclasses for a group of six lucky singers and two alternates. The masterclasses were open to the public, providing a priceless opportunity to observe a great artist at work as an educator. The workshop culminated in a recital by Ms.Ludwig's students on 10 December 2000.

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