Persepolis L.A. Iannis Xenakis

In conjunction with the exhibition Iannis Xenakis: Composer, Architect, Visionary at MOCA Pacific Design Center November 6, 2010, through February 4, 2011, the first recreation of Xenakis's legendary Polytope de Persepolis will be performed at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Adapted by German sound artist and Xenakis electronic music expert, Daniel Teige, Persepolis L.A. will involve six listening stations with eight speakers each. This performance will encompass more than 70,000 square feet of performance area within the 32-acre park.

Originally performed as the opening event of the controversial 1971 Shiraz Festival in Iran, Polytope de Persepolis's electronic score has become a contemporary music classic. Based on historical documents from the Iannis Xenakis Archives, and created especially for this Los Angeles performance, this recreation will feature the recently restored eight-track music composition and computer-generated visual choreography, complete with laser beams, fire, smoke, and searchlights. The event will open with Xenakis's first electronic work, Diamorphoses (1957), as a geological prelude.

Born in 1922, Xenakis was known for radical experiments, often involving mathematics or architectural paradigms, that helped change the complexion of contemporary music. His site-specific multimedia works are an unparalleled fusion of architecture, music, and light. For this performance, the audience will be invited to walk around the grassy expanse of the downtown L.A. park while the piece is in progress, to experience sound and visuals spatially, from different vantage points.

No seating will be provided. Persepolis LA will involve high volume levels and earplugs are recommended.

"Persepolis is neither a theatrical spectacle, nor a ballet, nor a Happening. It is visual symbolism, parallel to and dominated by sound. The sound-the music- must absolutely must absolutely prevail."  Iannis Xenakis,1971

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