The Light That Is Felt: Songs of Charles Ives
Label: New World Records
Released: February 1, 2008
Catalog Number: 80680

The Light That Is Felt: Songs of Charles Ives

1. Songs my mother taught me

2. Tom Sails Away

3. The Housatonic at Stockbridge

4. The Greatest Man

5. West London

6. The "Incantation"

7. Du bist wie eine Blume

8. Down East

9. The Children's Hour

10. Where the eagle cannot see

11. General William Booth Enters into Heaven

12. The Things Our Fathers Loved

13. Two Little Flowers

14. August

15. September

16. December

17. The Light That Is Felt

18. Ann Street

19. Evening

20. The Sea of Sleep

21. Like a Sick Eagle

22. Swimmers

23. Watchman!

24. Feldeinsamkeit

25. The New River

26. Minnelied

27. Romanzo (di Central Park)

Soprano: Susan Narucki

Piano: Donald Berman

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