The Best Classical Music Tracks of 2019

"This list of our critics’ favorite albums of the year, each represented by a single track, is a lot like the classical music scene: It might seem at first to be dominated by standards — alphabetical order, alas — but quickly reveals rarer treasures, from overlooked centuries-old works to fresh experiments. Enjoy.

Kurtag: Seven Songs 
“The Edge of Silence”; Susan Narucki, soprano (Avie)

György Kurtág: Seven Songs Op.22

"These seven songs, a highlight in this album of Kurtag’s vocal works, pass in just over nine minutes: dark little pools of fervor, articulated by Ms. Narucki with precision and tenderness and accompanied by just the percussive cimbalom, played here with richly pianistic resonance by Nicholas Tolle."



Zachary Woolfe, New York Times
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