Cooperstown (Revised)
Label: Albany Records
Released: December 5, 2020
Catalog Number: Troy 1848

This is "a jazz opera in nine innings" and is a revised version of a longer opera. Composer Sasha Matson says "I feel that trimming its dimensions has actually added an enormous focus and potency to the piece and its essence." says Mr. Matson. Cooperstown utilizes five solo singers and a 1950s-style jazz quintet.

Based on A. Bartlett Giamatti’s essay, The Green Fields of the Mind, Mr. Matson and librettist Mark Miller have presented baseball as an art form with the capacity to express the deepest emotional truths about individuals and society, melding elements of the Othello story into the modern world of Major League Baseball. Matson's compositional language summons baseball’s own specific musical associations. The musical materials boil down to the rising three-chord “Charge” fanfare still heard in stadiums everywhere, and he even utilizes the quintessential baseball earworm, the sound of the stadium organ. 

The newly re-mixed audiophile recording of the one-act edition of the work, first performed by Opera Las Vegas in 2019, has a running time of 79 minutes. Cooperstown is available (including libretto) on CD (Troy 1848), and for download and streaming in both standard and hi-resolution audio formats.

Updated: Nov-23-2020
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