Ego Scriptor Cantilenae: The Music of Ezra Pound
Label: Other Minds
Released: --
Catalog Number: Other Minds 1005

Selections from Le Testament (1923)
1. Brothel Music

2. Dictes moy
3. Hëaulmiere's Aria - "Ha, vieillesse felonne et fiere"
4. Dame du ciel
5. Pere Noé
6. Freres humains

7-12 Fiddle Music First Suite (1923-1924)

13. Al poco giorno (c. 1931)

Selections from Cavalcanti (1931-1933)
14. Poi che di doglia
15 Sol per pietà
16. Gianni quel Guido
17. Tos temps serai
18. Ailas
19. Quando di morte
20. Perch'io non spero

21. Frottola (c. 1931)

Selection from Collis O Heliconii (1932)
22. Carmen LXI

23 aliter

The Other Minds Ensemble, The Arch Ensemble, Western Opera Theater, ASKO-ensemble, Villon Music Theatre, Conductus Ensemble
Nathan Rubin, violin
Robert Hughes, conductor

Updated: Apr-3-2009
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