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Music Sharing is an organization based in Tokyo whose goal is to bring Western classical music and traditional Japanese music of the highest caliber to young people throughout Japan and Asia. Midori and other visiting artists bring performances to children in schools, hospitals and institutions for the disabled. The children engage in the program not only as listeners but also as participants, and to that end since 2006 a specially dedicated instrument instruction program has been developed for the disabled. Music Sharing aims to raise cultural awareness, provide a well-rounded education, and inspire in all participants an appreciation for the life-changing power of live music. In 2006 Music Sharing expanded to include international programs (ICEP: International Community Engagement Program). Each year Midori and young musicians chosen by international audition engage in a two-part program, first spending two weeks in a host country in Asia bringing Western chamber music to young people and learning in turn about native musical traditions; the second a series of concerts and workshops in Japan later in the same season. The purpose of ICEP is to offer children, especially those in difficult circumstances, the opportunity to experience the beauty and joy of music and, equally, to offer the participating young visiting musicians an opportunity to widen their horizons and learn more about community engagement. Music Sharing has brought ICEP programs to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Laos. In 2012-2013 ICEP programs will be conducted in Bangladesh and Japan.

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Posted: Jan-4-2013
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