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In 2004, Midori established her Orchestra Residencies Program, an initiative designed to support and encourage youth orchestras in the U.S. Each year two winning applicant youth orchestras are chosen by independent committee for week-long residencies by Midori, who collaborates over multiple days in a wide range of activities with both the youth orchestras and their partner professional orchestras. Midori performs with the youth orchestra, participates in local fund-raising, political arts advocacy, masterclasses, chamber music workshops and team-building social events that serve to strengthen morale, establish new partnerships, and solidify the standing of the youth orchestra in the community. In previous years, Orchestra Residencies Programs have been conducted in Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, North Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Montana, Virginia, Oregon and Tennessee. In 2012-2013, Midori will bring Orchestra Residencies Programs to Little Rock, Arkansas and Reading, Pennsylvania. In 2010 Midori expanded the mission of the program to include collaborations with orchestras outside the U.S. The first of these initiatives, in the 2009-2010 season, took place in Costa Rica, and in subsequent years, others have been conducted in Bulgaria and Peru.

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Posted: Jan-4-2013
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