Musical Puppets, Re-imagined Voices: Shadows & Objects
Place & Time
First Church in Boston
66 Marlborough Street
Boston MA 02116
March 6, 2020
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Bahar Royaee: Leylie

Hubert Ho: He Lay on Ice in Search of Carp and other Filial Exemplars

Daniel Bernard Roumain: Filter


$25 general admission; $15 students/seniors 65+

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Dinosaur Annex, 45th Season

Musical Puppets, Reimagined Voices: Shadows and Objects


Puppeteer Anna Wang and Co-Artistic Director Hubert Ho collaborate on a new piece based on 13th-century Chinese stories from 24 Filial Exemplars, with additional texts on contemporary Asian-American themes. Iranian composer Bahar Royaee and shadow puppeteer Deniz Khateri collaborate on Leylie, a feminist retelling of a Persian folk tale that newly depicts the title character as complex, nuanced, and strong.

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