Harry McDoggus
September 25, 2021
Conrad L. Osborne in Live Q&A on Bel Canto Boot Camp / 26 September 2021 @ 3pm EDT

Rachelle Jonck and Derrick Goff, co-founders of Bel Canto Boot Camp, a unique training program and website, have announced an online Q&A with legendary opera scholar Conrad L. Osborne, whose recent book Opera as Opera - a comprehensive assessment of the state of the contemporary artform - was described by the Wall Street Journal as "Without question, the most important book ever written in English about opera in performance". On Sunday, 26 September at 3pm EDT, opera enthusiasts the world over will have the opportunity to join moderator Will Crutchfield (Teatro Nuovo) and address their questions to Mr. Osborne, who has just completed a 13-episode series of videos for Bel Canto Boot Camp. Each episode in the series features Mr. Osborne reading and commenting on one of the introductory essays of Opera as Opera. Sunday's live Q&A can be accessed via Eventbrite.

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